Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2023 Episode 2359 Video

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Broadcasting Date:12th March 2023
Media Provider: ZeeTv/ Zee5
Video Source: VkSpeed/ Youtube

Akshay says to Ranbir at the beginning of the episode that he is unsure of whether she likes him or not. Ranbir queries what it is about you that will appeal to her. What, asks Akshay? The female won’t like you if you don’t have what I want to say, according to Ranbir. Why do I get the impression that you want to say something else? asks Akshay. He requests his assistance. Ranbir replies no, she will slap me if I approach her on your behalf. She is highly organised, courageous, and self-assured, according to Akshay, and seeing her makes me feel at rest. What is her name, demands Ranbir? Suddenly stopping himself, Akshay promises to make him see her.

Then, he continues, you must assist me. If I visit her, according to Ranbir, it wouldn’t be good. He commands Akshay to go. According to Akshay, I have never before shared any of my private matters with anyone, but today I felt compelled to do so. At the cafeteria are Prachi and Kaya. Where is Prachi, Akshay calls to inquire. Prachi reports being in a cafeteria. There are Akshay and Ranbir. If she will like him or not, Akshay urges him to say. Ranbir predicts that she will reject you 9 out of 10 times based on what you told me about her. Why? asks Akshay. According to Ranbir, nothing you’ve done has been independent of your papa.

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