Radha Mohan 12th March 2023 Episode 291 Video

Radha Mohan Episode 291, Watch Online Radha Mohan 12th March 2023 Full Episode 291 Free Video Online Desi tv Serial, Zee Tv and Zee5 Drama Radha Mohan 12th March 2023 Latest New Episodes Watch on Youtube

Broadcasting Date:12th March 2023
Media Provider: ZeeTv/ Zee5
Video Source: VkSpeed/ Youtube

As soon as Radha cries out Mohan’s name after awakening, Gungun and Ajeet both break into a smile. Tulsi also expresses her happiness. The doctor arrives right away to check on Radha and soon begins to take her vital signs. Gungun thanks Bihari jee. Kaveri sees the opportunity and slowly leaves the police station, but Mohan notices her .leaving and wonders where she is going. Mohan tells Shekar that Kaveri has gone out secretly so they have to keep an eye on her, and Mohan explains they have to. Damini then whispers that her mother has to go and complete the second part of her plan, and Damini quickly stops the inspector by explaining that Maa can never think wrong of anyone.

Mohan says he just knows that his mother is innocent and would have to find out the truth. Damini tries to follow Mohan, but Shekar stops her, explaining that he has gone to talk with one of their friends whose father is the Minister. Mohan says he will follow Kaveri while Shekar should keep an eye on Damini. Shekar asks if he really thinks Damini can do anything of the sort. While Mohan worries that her mother is acting inappropriately, Damini becomes enraged, believing this to be complete nonsense.

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