Bhagya Lakshmi 12th March 2023 Episode 515 Video

.Bhagya Lakshmi Episode 515, Watch Online Bhagya Lakshmi 12th March 2023 Full Episode 515 Free Video Online Desi tv Serial, Zee Tv and Zee5 Drama Bhagya Lakshmi 12th March 2023 Latest New Episodes Watch on Youtube

Broadcasting Date:12th March 2023
Media Provider: ZeeTv/ Zee5
Video Source: VkSpeed/ Youtube

Malishka asks for the chats of Lakshmi since she has to read them but Malishka replies she will not because they are bad manners. Sonia tells her she should listen since Bhai deletes the messages. but Lakshmi does not have anyone in his life whose messages she should delete, so she leaves advising Malishka to read them.Balvinder and Babloo. enter the hallway as Malishka is walking; they move carefully and even hide to prevent her from spotting them both. Malishka thinks she never wanted to view the messages but now feels as though she should, and she is going to read them.

what she did Malishka was dispatched by Chachi, but when Balvinder. unintentionally drops the vase, she becomes concerned and tries to look.
When Sonia sets the phone down in Rishi’s room, he asks what she’s doing there and she admits she came to ask him for dinner. Since they need the quotation, Rishi must call Juneja. Rishi inquires as to its importance, saying that if he does not send it, they will suffer a loss. Aayush simply says that it will get late. Rishi then admits that he does not understand what is happening in his life.

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