Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein 12th March 2023 Episode 787 Video

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Broadcasting Date:12th March 2023
Media Provider: Star Plus/ Hotstar
Video Source: VkSpeed/ Youtube

Intoxicated Sai and his hands are restrained by Virat. While everyone is looking, Sai requests that he take off the handcuffs. What is he doing, Pulkit queries. According to Virat, he shackled his sister because she wouldn’t listen to her spouse. No, says Virat. As Sai realises why he is acting strangely, he inquires as to what he requires. Virat chuckles and claims that his wife questioned him, then he asks everyone whether their wives do the same. Ninad claims his wife has just given him orders. Ashwini chastises him.

Intoxicated Omkar claims to know what his wife needs—she needs to know that complimenting other women is acceptable. Sonalibecomes irate. Mohit then declares his love for Karishma while intoxicated. Karishma stops talking.Virat won’t release her from her handcuffs till Sai colours his cheeks. Sai claims it’s extortion. He requests that a music be played, and while it is playing, he circles Sai while dancing. Sai finally decides to paint him after becoming enraged while attempting to avoid him. Virat halts her and makes Savi’s call. Savi approaches him on foot. Virat urges Sai to colour him right away after telling her that he promised her that her aayi will colour her baba. Why is he speaking in a singing voice, Savi queries. Virat claims that the strings

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