Aashiqana Season 3 11th March 2023 Video Episode 12

Aashiqana Season 3 Episode 12, Watch Online Aashiqana Season 3 11th March 2023 Full Episode 12 Free Video Online Desi tv Serial, StarPlus and Hotstar Drama Aashiqana Season 3 11 March 2023 Latest New Episodes Watch on Youtube,Aashiqana Season 3 11 March 2023 Written Episode

Broadcasting Date:11th March 2023
Media Provider: StarPlus/ Hotstar
Video Source: VkSpeed/ Youtube

Chikki is terrified when she gets back home, so she goes around the entire house to see whether Maskman is there. On the other side, Maskman is watching Chikki through the webcam.To discover out who is stalking Chikki, Siddhant phones the police station.Jiya hides behind the sofa as Dadi enters Raj’s room unexpectedly to present Prasad. I didn’t feel alive when I was mad at you, Dadi informs Raj.  Chikki claims he stalked me a few days ago, but he didn’t actually attack me then. A crystal ball crashed near me and assaulted me. In contrast to before, his mask is a distinct shade.Aashiqana Season 3 11th March 2023

That was Shyam as soon as Yash said that the mask’s colour had changed but its design had not. Only then did the cops show up to place Shyam under arrest.You need to keep an eye on me and accuse Yash of pursuing Chikki. He’s a great guy.Shyam claims to know a lot but has a condition, while Yash claims to be certain of what he knows. What, Yash queries? Shyam expresses his desire to stay with Chikki for one more night.As his grandma approaches and reprimands him for avoiding Tuiya so much, Yash becomes furious at this and hits Shyam severely.

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